Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my final llelc grad cake

well, each year it has been one of my many duties for our preschool graduation to make the cake for the reception. i took a wilton course years ago, anticipating the joy and pride i would bring to my son when his yearly birthday parties came equipped with a custom-made, theme-based cake.

ok, um, well, my kid doesn't eat cake! turns out, he would rather have a banana than a slice of mommy's made with love giant elmo head cake. don't take me wrong, i'm not complaining, i just had to find uses for my cake skills at other venues.

i have done a couple for pay, but graduation clearly gave me an annual opportunity to drive myself into a pastry frenzy trying to concoct the perfect multi-tiered cake that would not only be large enough to feed 200 people (yup, that many!) but would also provide the strongest flexing of my creative muscles.

this year i had no real grad responsibilities because i am no longer the director, but with the pregnancy i had to really reign myself in.

i went with a three-layered square cake. found the bottom two pans on ebay and squared off a rectangle for the top.

to make icing easier and reduce crumbs, i did a light crumb-layer of icing, then made a large batch of marshmallow fondant to cover all three layers.

i love marshmallow fondant for so many reasons. first, it is CHEAP! all three layers cost me one bag of powdered sugar and a bag of mini-marshmallows....compared to the $12 for a box of wilton fondant. also, it tastes a lot better. i can't tell you how many people will peel the other off a cake slice, but this stuff gets eaten.the other great thing about fondant is that you can color it and roll it out like play dough to decorate.

how much more preschool-y can you get! i colored and rolled out the mmf to make the stars, and glued them to the fondant base with some vanilla food coloring.

once at school, i put the layers together, added the stars around the base and on the sides of each layer, and titled the top.

all in all, a very successful and yummy piece of work. and best of all, when i make the cake i don't eat it...having spent the previous 2 days with my whole house smelling all cakeish.

i'll post pics from the ceremony later this week. it was quite precious.

oh, and i didn't cry, lol!

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tammygirl said...

What a picture perfect cake! I bet it tasted even yummier than this masterpiece looks! I will have to remember your baking skills when i have my PhD graduation celebration! Way to go girl!!