Sunday, June 01, 2008

one for t. and one for me....

from this...

the pattern came from the summer 07 fons and porter quilts for kids magazine.

yummy moda fabric was discovered when visiting a local shop during this years shop hop. at about $12 a yard, the prequilted was pricey, but being a sucker for pretty things, home it came.
when visiting, cousin t. picked out some pick and chocolate fabric from moda and while we contemplated sewing them together in cousinly joy, magazine reading, spa visits, and girl talk won out instead. so, being as how i love her so much i offered to throw a bag together for her while doing one for myself. can u believe? the brave gal actually left the fabric with me.
the pattern was well-written and fairly easy, although the zipper was a little tricky. hint, unzip the bag partially before finishing your final seam 'cause you feel a little ridiculous trying to turn the bag inside out when you can't get the zipper undone from the inside.....not that im speaking from experience or anything, but you know its bad when your 5-year-old comes in and asks, "mommy, why are you fighting with the bag?"

anywho, mine will be used as my "hey im in labor lets get to the hospital" bag, while hers, hopefully, will be soon packed to accompany her back to see me soon! LOL! more importantly, i know it will give her a smile when she opens the usps box on monday.


tammygirl said...

My bag is the sweetest, prettiest and most loved item that I have in my possession! I LOVE it ...I especially love the thoughfulness that went into making it! I took it to work and bragged to everyone almost to the point 'I have one and you don't' heehee! I am blessed to have a cousin/bestes friend to share memories and moments!
...the vision of you fighting with the bag made me laugh out loud at 6:00am!! Great way to get my day going! love you!

Mrs. Mandy said...

anything for you cuz! i am so glad that you like it!