Monday, July 28, 2008


well, here he is folks! the little blessing that has been bumping and kicking me for the last nine months came home with us 3 weeks ago tomorrow. he was a big boy, and he really didn't want to come out... i mean, really, how many kids have to be vacuumed out during a c-section??

anyway, he is beautiful (says his completely unbiased mother) and is doing really well. a very mellow little guy who loves to cuddle....what could be better.

big brother is happy, but there has been a little bit of regression as of late. mainly because not only is little brother home now, but dad is also back in football season at work and is, therefore, not home. bad timing, i know, but hey... what are ya gonna do. he is working through it like a champ and we are making every attempt to help him feel included and remind him of the special big guy that he is. big brother is so helpful, and he really loves the little guy.
just wanted to let everyone know i appreciate all the emails and good wishes! we are a little sleep deprived, but overall doing wonderfully. hey, i might even get back to my sewing machine in the next week or so- before i have to return to work that is...
by the way, i appreciate all the prayers, but the job teaching at the local Christan academy fell through. the Lord knows what is best for my family and i trust him totally, so now we are in a holding pattern, waiting to see what will come next. yes, i was really disappointed and quite disheartened after getting word that they passed on me, but i have such great encouragement around me in the form of family and friends and they all reminded me of how the Lord has blessed us so much so far and i have complete confidence in His faithfulness.
blessings to all. i'm gonna go take a nap! lol!