Sunday, August 31, 2008

my granny

grandpa carlos and grandma laura

(my favorite picture of them)

just a couple weeks ago my granny went to be with the Lord. she passed away quickly on a Sunday afternoon. unfortunately as my father and mother made plans to travel the 8 hrs. to be with family, make arrangements, and say goodbye, i came to the realization that i would be unable to attend. with a newborn and a 5 year-old and without the aid of dh (his work made it impossible for him to take the time to go with me) i simply couldn't make the journey.

so i said goodbye from home.

no, it wasn't the same, but the Lord was here with me reminding me of his love and grace - even as my heart was there.

upon his return, my dad and i sat down to talk and he presented me with a very special gift. a thimble. her thimble.

the thimble isn't much to look at - but oh if it could talk! to tell of the stitches it helped create! you see, my granny sewed. she sewed as an occupation, she sewed out of necessity, and she sewed in the name of love. this precious thimble is rusted and tarnished. it has 5 holes in the top where her needle pierced the metal from use. and it is so tiny - what fit on her nimble middle finger snugly hugs my pinkie.

my dad kept that thimble close in his pocket all week. when he began to miss her, he slipped it on his pinkie and felt close to his mom. that thimble stayed with him until he brought it home to me - and i will cherish it always.

i do have a quilt she stitched by hand, just for me. in fact, she and her sister - my aunt orlean, were the reason i began quilting. they showed me the fun and creativity that can be sewn into a quilt and i can never thank them enough for introducing me to my favorite creative pass time. my father also returned with bag filled with just some of the fabric scraps that granny had set aside for quilting. she also had begun a quilt for my niece, her great-granddaughter. i will finish that quilt, and i will see to it that her fabric scraps find their way into quilts for years to come.

i love you granny, and i will see you again.

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