Sunday, September 28, 2008

a little cake

for those who didn't know, i dabble in a little cake decorating - when i'm not up to my elbows in something!
i got started by taking the wilton cake courses with my friend kelli and had intended on using my new found talents to create special birthday cakes for dd. unfortunately, he doesn't like sweets.
well, i didn't give up easy but after the ducky (1st birthday)....
the elmo (2nd birthday)....and the blues clues (his 3rd birthday and by far the most difficult with all those little color-flow pieces!)failed to sway him and i realized that their beauty and magnificence (humble, ain't i? lol!) still didn't tempt him to enjoy the traditional birthday dessert with his pals, i succumbed to my defeat and switched to cupcakes instead! much easier and a lot quicker, but not as challenging to my creative skills.
you know, that didn't stop me from using my cake skills though because i still found myself receiving numerous requests to create cakes for friends and their little ones. the best part for this mother of 2 boys was the ability to create some "girly cakes".

this is one i get a lot of requests for. i have made it for 3 different and very special little girls. i discovered marshmallow fondant and quickly became enamored!

oh well, maybe in about 10 months i'll have another shot at the birthday cake thing.... looking at those cheeks makes you think he may be a cake lover, huh? lol!

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Janet said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy:

What BEAUTIFUL cakes!!! I wish you lived by me! I would have you bake my children's birthday cakes!!

Your little boy is adorable!! I'm sure that he is sweet and such a blessing to your family.

How are things going with you?? Were you able to find a new teaching job? If so, what grade? I've been praying for you about yout your job situation.

Well, that's it for now. Take care!!